Alfresco Webdav Mount

Alfresco holds uploaded content in a hashed folder strcture. I needed to export/obtain specific/all contents from Alfresco for further processing. Luckily Alfresco developers introduced a WebDAV functionality to access uploaded files.

First install the WebDAV filesystem type for mount:

# apt-get install davfs2

Example usage:

# mount -t davfs /mnt/alfresco -o nolocks

Important here is to use the mount option “nolocks” as it seems Alfresco does not implement the dav lock command. And as i just want to retreive the files and do not needed to lock any ressources for writing, i was ok with that.

From now on i could easily access the files in Alfresco under my mountpoint:

# ls -l /mnt/alfresco/

When done, don’t forget to correctly unmount:

# cd /mnt
# umount /mnt/alfresco