Apache: Perl Upload progress madness

First, install and activate apache2’s perl module:

# apt-get install libapache2-mod-perl2
# a2enmod perl

Now use perl CPAN to install further perl libraries:

# cpan
cpan> install Cache::FastMmap
cpan> install Apache::Test
    -> /usr/sbin/apache2
    -> ENTER
cpan> install Apache2::UploadProgress
cpan> quit

Edit the corresponding apache2 vhost configuration file you wish to use the upload progress logic in:


# Apache2-UploadProgress perl implementation
PerlLoadModule Apache2::UploadProgress
PerlPostReadRequestHandler Apache2::UploadProgress
UploadProgressBaseURI /UploadProgress
Alias /UploadProgress /home/xxx/example.com/shop/UploadProgress

This enables the client to query the uri /UploadProgress to gain the progress of a clients upload. Your mileage may vary, this is rather old and was for a legacy customers website.

I do not use such server-side hacks anymore but rely on modern browsers and client-side code…